Website development- University of Washington


Re-designing and Re-developing the Master of Science in Data Science website: for improving the content search module and the overall usability of the website to meet the needs of current and prospective MSDS students


Lead Web Developer


The department of MSDS (Master of Science in Data Science) needed to revamp their website since they realised that most of their prospective students had difficulties in navigating the website. I was given the task of redeveloping the website for minimizing clicks, easy navigation and less scrolling in the pages.


The website is still under development. My tasks include:
1. Collaborating with clients to define website workflow and identify user needs
2. Implement the changes requested using WordPress and web dev. programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript (If needed)
3. Create a database for storing the media types such as images and videos
4. Deploy and host the files on the server

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