Website Development- Chennai Marathon


Development of the website for the Chennai Marathon during my internship at Townscript


Lead Web Developer


The Chennai Marathon is the biggest annual marathon organized in Chennai with over 10,000 participants. During my internship at Townscript, I was assigned as the Lead Web Developer for the development of the website. I used the AWS EC2 and S3 services to host the website.


The website is live. My tasks included:
1. Collaborating with clients to define website workflow and identify user needs
2. Adding the functionalities requested using a CMS (WordPress) and web dev. programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript
3. Create and maintain the database for storing the media types such as images and videos
4. Deploy and host the files on the AWS server
5. Adding Recent Tweets and Recent Facebook feed plugins on the website
6. Assisted in developing an iframe for embedding the Event Booking feature
7. Created forms and set up email notifications using PHP

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