Designing an interactive prototype for an outdoor exploratory app that encourages Americans to explore outdoor activities, incorporates a booking and planning feature, as well as an augmented reality functionality to elevate the exploration experience


UX Designer/Researcher in a team of 4


Create a way to improve traveling experience in the states for people who:
1. Lack the incentive to go out.
2. Need opinions and credible information of traveling destination.
3. Having trouble planning and booking the trip.


We conducted interviews on students of University of Washington to find out some hardships and habits when they go on hikes. We also performed competitor analysis to understand the current solution and user needs gap on the market. Based on the data and analysis we collected, we decided a mobile app with multiple features called "Voyager" is the best solution.


For our research, we conducted short and open ended unstructured interviews to understand the problems and habits of people who go on trips. We than moved onto competitor analysis to help us identify current user needs gaps in the market.


This helps us collect the information users usually look for before and during their trip as well as the habits and frequency users have for these sorts of trips. We were also able to find out the problems people face when they go on trips.

Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis gives us a perspective of how our competitors have designed the similar problem statement


Based on our research and competitive analysis we cerated 3 personas that embodied the archetypes of our user groups.

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After analyzing the data we have collected, each member came up with ideas that could help solve the users needs. We then adopted the pick chart to help us identify which ideas have the best payoff in terms of effort and benefit. After finishing the map, we decided on the features we will be choosing.

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User Journey

We outlined a few major tasks and then with the design requirements in mind, we ideated on possible solutions using scenarios and storyboarding

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Low-fi Wireframing

Using the feedback from our usability tests, we outlined the wireframes of the entire app and created several key path scenarios to further analyze the flow of interaction of the app.

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More about this project coming soon!