MEAN Stack App


Created a modern, scalable and high-speed Web Application with the use of the MEAN stack, which stands for MongoDb, Express JS, Angular and NodeJS. The application consists of a posts forum, with features such as sign up, login as well as adding, editing and deleting posts.


UI Developer


I developed a simple online forum that allows users to sign up, sign in and create,edit and delete posts. This application makes use of the MEAN stack which consists of modern client side technologies like AngularJS and server side technologies like ExpressJS and NodeJS. Using a NoSQL database such as MongoDB to run the application database. I then worked on authentication and authorization for the application as well as error handling.


1. The first step was setting up the front end of the app. This phase involved coding in AngularJS. I used the Visual Studio Code to code. I initally had to install npm from the terminal and then the directories were created.
2. After setting up the client side logic, the server side logic needed to be implemented. This was done using NodeJS and ExpressJS
3. Next, the database was set up in MongoDB by creating a cluster and obtaining a key to connect to the database.
4. I then worked on authentication and authorization of the app to make the app secure. This involved SPA authentication as well as sending a token to the front end for authorization.
5. Testing phase involved checking for possible errors and fixing them
6. The last phase involved deploying the app on a server. I used the AWS Server for this purpose and the S3 service provided by AWS to upload the angular bundle. EC2 was used to upload the server side files such as the database connection as well as the NodeJS and ExpressJS files

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Results & Lessons learnt

This project gave me a good understanding to full-stack web development with modern technologies that are used in the industry these days. It was a great learning experience and the countless hours debugging the code really helped me develop my concepts in these technologies. This project also helped me develop relevant skills in UI development.